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Want to Do Bee Swarm/Hive Removals? Here are the Requirements.

All forms are on the Texas Apiary Inspection Services (TAIS) Website at Please reference this site for addition details and state regulations. The two forms listed below need to be on file with TAIS, your Registration Application as a beekeeper makes you exempt from structural pest control law and the Honey Bee Removal Transportation Permit application allows you to transport the removed bees, please read each section for full details as provided by TAIS.

1) Fill out and submit the Registration Application
This will register you as a beekeeper in the state of Texas. Registered beekeepers are exempt from structural pest control law as outlined in chapter 1951 of the Occupations Code. The exact text of the exemption is as follows:

Sec. 1951.056.  BEEKEEPERS.  (a)  Except as provided by Sections 1951.212 and 1951.457(c), this chapter does not apply to a person acting as a beekeeper, as defined by Section 131.001, Agriculture Code, who:
(1)  is registered with the chief apiary inspector as provided by Subchapter C, Chapter 131, Agriculture Code;(2)  does not use pesticides or electrical devices other than conventional bee smokers or equipment as defined by Section 131.001, Agriculture Code; and
(3)  collects, removes, or destroys honey bees.
(b)  A person described by Subsection (a) is not considered to be engaged in the business of structural pest control.
* note that electrical devices in (2) does not include use of bee vacuums, those are acceptable.

There is no cost for the Registration, you do not have to fill this out annually. Once registered, you will only have to contact TAIS if you have a change in address/contact information or if the location of county/general location of where you keep your bees changes. Those changes can be done via email or over the phone once registered.

2) Fill out, submit and pay a $35 fee for the Honey Bee Removal Transportation Permit
The Honey Bee Removal Transportation Permit is a special issue of the intrastate transportation permit. This permit allows beekeeper, specifically bee removers, to transport bee hives between counties. This permit is in no way a license or permit to conduct bee removals. As a courtesy to the general public all beekeepers who apply for this permit are listed on the TAIS web site (
) under the counties they indicate. This is an annual permit, the annual year is September 1 - August 31, no matter when you submit your application. On the application, only list counties you would actively remove bees. You must have the above listed Registration Application on file with TAIS to be eligible for this permit (you can submit both at the same time).

TAIS Mailing Address:

Texas Apiary Inspection Service
ENTO - TAMU 2475
College Station, TX 77843-2475